Easy Ways to Make a Small Bathroom Look Just a bit Bigger

Ask any interior designer, bathrooms are among the most difficult rooms to work with.  Not only can they be cramped, they tend to have awkward and mostly fixed layouts (showers, toilets, and tubs are rather difficult to move).

Nonetheless, a bit of well-planned design can make even the smallest bathroom feel spacious; according to experts, it’s all about creating the illusion of space.  Here are a few subtle but significant tips to make that powder room feel a bit more spacious and accessible and could possibly improve the pricing if you're selling.

Brighten-Up the Area

Well-lit rooms always feel more spacious than they actually are.  Don’t believe me?  Think about the difference between a light, bright room (especially with natural light) and dark, dim, or drab space.  Bright areas always feel roomier.  Windows are a great way to bring in more light, but they’re not always an option (especially in bathrooms).

Using Wall-Color and Mirrors

Speaking of illuminating the bathroom area, a lighter wall color and the addition of larger mirrors can go a long way.  Multiple colors (especially dark or bolded shades) tend to partition the room into different compartments, ultimately making it seem smaller.  Light pastel colors will enlarge the room.  Likewise, mirrors are a great way to brighten up the space.  They’ll reflect light onto the darker corners of the room and make it feel more spacious than it actually is.

Make Smart-Use of Storage

Most bathrooms are already small or cramped, thus storage areas are taking-up valuable space.  It’s important to keep all storage as flush with the walls as possible.  Really, anything that protrudes or sticks-out will shrink the room.  In these instances, well-placed shelving can be a life-saver.  Additionally, homeowners in Newport Beach might consider other storage options like medicine cabinets or small end-tables.  It’s also worth noting that some things simply don’t need to be stored in the bathroom.  In other words, only store necessary toiletries in the bathroom.  Perhaps other items can be stored in a nearby living closet.

Not only Wider, but Taller

Can we make a room seem ‘taller’?  It sounds like a strange idea, but it’s definitely possible.  For instance, raising the shower curtain bar will make the ceiling appear taller and more spacious.  Additionally, vertical mirrors will give the illusion of taller ceilings, as will raising the window curtains.   These may seem subtle, but for the right bathroom, may pay dividends in bathroom space.

Remove that Swinging Door

It’s been long-known that traditional swinging doors take up space.  While this may not matter for front-doors or bedroom-entrances (where the rooms are presumably more spacious), a swinging door in the bathroom can easily consume a quarter of the room’s area.  With a bit of instillation, a sliding door can remedy this problem.  A similar approach should be considered for shower doors.

Consider Alternative Sink Options

For smaller bathrooms, full vanity sinks simply aren’t the logical option.  Unfortunately, most homeowners purchase their property with vanity sinks installed, and changing the sink area can certainly be a project.  Nonetheless, other sink options—such as a pedestal sink—can really free up valuable bathroom space.

What about Flooring?

Bathroom flooring is a large factor in how the bathroom appears.  Some designers of homes for sale in Huntington Beach claim that floor mats or bathroom rugs can really constrain a room and make it feel smaller and more cramped.  Bathroom floors—especially tile or light-colored floors—should be left exposed to enlarge the appearance of the room.  Again, lighter shades are best.  Even if the ceiling and walls light and bright, a dark floor will negate that effect.  Keep the flooring light-colored (preferably with tile) to keep the space open and aerated.  One more tip on flooring and tile: install the same shower tile from floor to ceiling. Similar to how different wall-colors can compartmentalize the space, tile can have the same effect.  The seamless look of consistent color will add cohesion and openness to the bathroom.

Bathrooms are inherently difficult to work with.  For one, they are typically small and cramped.  The lay-outs are awkward, and mostly at the mercy of the piping and bathroom fixtures.  They require storage space (for things like toiletries) yet have little free-space to begin with.  One option is a complete revamp; however, this can be incredibly costly and time-consuming.

The tips above are inexpensive alternatives that aim to portray the illusion of space.  These subtle but significant changes can open-up your powder room and make the space a bit more accessible for you and your guests.

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