Thanks for your interest in sharing or republishing our content and/or data. How you may use our content and data depends on the type of content/data and the purpose.

Permitted Uses:

You may share links to any of our content by email and on social media, provided that you follow all of the applicable attribution guidelines set forth below.

If You have earned a Team InFinity OC badge, you may republish the badge on your website, provided that it contains a backlink to the Team InFinity OC page for your product or service. You must comply with all attribution requirements.

You may reference your position (if applicable) in Team InFinity OC’s real-time rankings (e.g. “Highest Rated” and “Easiest to Use”), provided that such reference contains a backlink to the applicable Category page. If you have applied any filters, you must backlink to the filtered rankings, and include relevant details related to any such filters. For example, if your product is the #1 “Highest Rated” mid-market marketing automation product in Latin America, you must include the relevant company size and/or regional segmented data when referencing such position.

You may republish and share the aggregated Star Rating of your product(s) and/or service(s) on the Team InFinity OC Site, provided that you include a backlink to the applicable profile page on and that you attribute the Star Rating to Team InFinity OC in accordance with our Attribution Policy below.

If you would like to use Team InFinity OC’s content or data in a manner that is not expressly authorized or prohibited hereunder, you may contact us at [email protected] with your request and we will review your request, each on a case-by-case basis, and approve or decline your request, in our sole discretion. Please note that any permission to use any Team InFinity OC content or data that is granted by Team InFinity OC may be revoked or modified in Team InFinity OC’s sole discretion at any time.

Unauthorized Uses:

You may not republish in full or any excerpt thereof, any reviews of any products or services on without a license.

You may not screenshot any portion of the Team InFinity OC website for any purpose. You may not resell or otherwise exploit for commercial gain any content or data from the site (and any subdomains thereof) except as expressly set forth in these Guidelines and/or in accordance with your applicable license.

Our Site Terms of use (available here) expressly forbid any scraping of the Team InFinity OC Site; any use, whether commercial or noncommercial, of any content or data that has been scraped from (and any subdomains thereof) is unauthorized.

Attribution Policy

Article/Press Release/Public Statement Attribution

  • If you would like to include Team InFinity OC or cite our data points in an article, press release, or public statement, please attribute such reference or content to “Team InFinity OC” in every instance. Link to the reference or content on whenever possible.
  • If your article, press release, or public statement is basing analyses and claims in part or wholly on Team InFinity OC content or data, please contact us at [email protected] for review and approval of the relevant statement prior to publication.

Blog Attribution

  • If you reference a specific Team InFinity OC blog post, please be certain to link to the URL of the specific post you are referencing.

Badge Republication Guidelines

  • If you have earned a Team InFinity OC badge and wish to republish any earned badge on your website, you may not alter, abridge, or otherwise modify the badge in any manner. For example, you may not alter the colors of the badge to match your brand guidelines.

Star Rating Attribution

  • If you republish and share the aggregated Star Rating of your products and services on the Team InFinity OC Site, please attribute the Star Rating as follows: “Source:, Inc.”

Team InFinity OC Trademarks and Copyrights Guidelines

Team InFinity OC’s trademarks and copyrighted works include our names, logos, website content, videos and other matter protected under trademark or copyright law.

You may refer to Team InFinity OC’s trademarks in word form only to describe accurately how your products or services relate to our products or services, so long as you follow these Guidelines and make clear that your products and services are not offered, sponsored or endorsed by Team InFinity OC. Please do not use Team InFinity OC’s trademarks as nouns or verbs.

You may only use Team InFinity OC’s logo under license or other written contractual permission. If you would like permission to use the Team InFinity OC logo or other trademarks, please contact us at [email protected]

If you have permission to use any of Team InFinity OC’s trademarks, and if your use of the Team InFinity OC trademark(s) is primarily intended for a U.S. audience or will be distributed through a U.S. website, publication, or trade show, please include the ® or ™ symbol associated with the mark(s) you are using, as appropriate. Please do not include any symbol after any of Team InFinity OC’s trademark(s) if your publication is intended for use or distribution outside the U.S.

Be sure to return to this page periodically to review the most current version of these Guidelines. We may modify these Guidelines to, for example, reflect additional data or content. You should look at these Guidelines regularly. We’ll post notice of modifications to these Guidelines on this page. Changes will not apply retroactively and will become effective no sooner than fourteen days after they are posted. However, changes made for legal reasons may be effective immediately and, if so, will be noted as such here. If you do not agree to the modified Guidelines, you should discontinue your use of the data and/or content.